Identifying the key duties of an Account Manager in a creative agency is a difficult task. Though the position is diverse and engaging, its effects on the people are 2 sided. Though it can be a promising career for some, it can also result in a stressful nightmare for others.

To be a successful account manager who creates the perfect balance rather than shying away from things, you must embody the following qualities

  1. Multitasker – Account Managers need to perfect the art of speaking on the phone, writing an email and eating at the same time.
  2. Socially Active – This is an essential trait of a successful account manager. Given that your work involves a lot of communication with a wide range of people, the ability to read and adapt to everyone you meet is integral.
  3. Level Headed – Though account managers are the first ones to be thanked for executing great work, they also face the music at times of adversities. A successful account manager acts as a mediator between all parties.
  4. A Smartphone – One of the most important aspects, this is the key to maintain great relationships with clients. Making yourself available after office hours make clients feel well cared and in safe hands. Replying to work emails instantly and keeping a tab on your client’s online presence adds more fodder to making a productive account manager.
  5. Style – Your appearance makes a strong impact even before you speak up. A good sense of style with a wardrobe for every occasion always helps to create a lasting impact on your peers and clients.
  6. Writing Skills – Your job demands writing a lot of e-mails. And considering the creative industry, you sure need decent writing abilities to add to your personality. Clients would not want an Account Manager who does not know the difference between Its and It’s.
  7. Persuasive and Subtle – Account Managers need to master the art of talking things in a different way. Though they need to act as door to door salesmen, they have to put their concepts and ideas across in a presentable way to get more command on our ideas.


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