Branding is a crucial element that drives the vision of a business in the best possible way. Every brand should consider important aspects of Branding to enable itself to stand out from the competition and create value for their products and services.

Over the past 5 years, I have worked with a lot of Brands and this is my take on how brands can utilize things to get an edge over competition, create trust and establish a brand image.



The most important element in brand building is to keep your audience engaged. Whatever channel of communication you use, if you can keep you audience engaged with your brand consistently, it goes a long way for your brand to be successful.

Tip – Great Visuals are always the best tool to engage people. Strong Visuals help a lot to communicate.

2. Personalised Communication

Gone are the days when people were convinced with robotic statements and static conversations. The new age audience responds well to communication that is tailor -made for them to understand, observe and finally respond. Brands that can listen to their customers and speak to them in their own language always stand a chance to be successful.


3. Design

Whether you believe it or not, design is one of the most important facets of successful branding. Great Visual Design, Quality Typefaces always make a brand stand out and creates a personality for brands. To eliminate outdated graphic trends and adopt new and evolving trends in your design would be a great way to kick-start a successful campaign.


4. Content

Developing rich content and creating a great strategy will always prove helpful for brands.Successful brands always focus on great content that is informative, educational and interesting. To deliver content that interest customers automatically pushes content that is product or service oriented.

Example – While creating a strategy for an Electronic Pest Repellent, our agency focused more on issues related to Pests, Facts about them, Allergies and Diseases caused by these Pests and less on the Product. Slowly, we saw that there was good engagement with such content as people found it to be relevant and informative. The next time someone would want to get rid of Pests, they would think of the brand we were promoting because they were hooked onto us. The result was an increase in sales by 25% in the first quarter.

5. Trust

The final thing that cannot be ignored is the trust that a brand can gain. Developing ads that over promise might sell initially but its after effects are lethal. Brands should motivate transparency and trust backed by excellent customer service that enables customers to solve queries with ease. Once you win the trust of a customer, you are the only choice that they will make.


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