1) 82% of those on social media use mobile phones to access them

Being continuously on the move, people are finding mobile more convenient and compact. According to a research by Nielsen, 53% consumers mostly liked or followed a brand on social media through mobile phones making it easy for marketers to promote on social media platforms.

Continuously on the move, people today use mobile devices for work, travel, shopping etc. According to Neilsen, 53% consumers mostly liked or followed a brand using mobile devices making this segment imperative for marketers and brands.



2) Social media is a famous platform for news, product reviews, evaluation and much more.

 Social media acts as an extended platform for people around the world to use it on daily basis for discussions, debate, promotions or carrying out business activities. This gives brands a great chance to be a part of such conversations and increase brand awareness and engagement.


3) 25-34 age group is the fastest growing internet user segment

Most active people on social media cannot be ignored. Mostly independent and strong influencers in any buying decisions, the need to tap them on social media is one important thing that brands can aim at.


4) 2016 will see the rise in brands investing more on social media spends as compared to 2015

Social media enables brands to communicate effectively with customers, clients, shareholders , thereby creating its awareness and credibility. With more social media platforms coming to the fore, more brands will look at investing better in this medium to get the best out of their marketing efforts.


5) Mostly anyone who is online is social.

With the advent of technology and faster internet speeds, more people are now online than ever. This serves as a great platform to interact with them and convert them being into social.


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